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Authentic, Original Content

Conducting interviews, and gathering the best images, we provide engaging content that speaks to the value of your product and service lines

TV and Radio segments, Podcasts, original documentaries, website on demand, and print content.

Media Strategy

Community connections

Our team of journalists, educators, and historians make RPD Media's strategies uniquely qualified to customize your content to meet your particular goals

Relevant Generations

Expand Your Network

Inclusive generational social connections make a difference in every business. Our collaborative expertise of listening to community trends, and offering suggestions, enable us to reach out and grab the attention of your target audience. Schedule an initial consultation today.

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Collaborating at Work
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Enriched Storytelling

Our many years of covering global events, civic activism and community service in healthcare, education, and historical preservation has helped us develop quality content.

Content Marketing

Engage & Influence

Whatever your goal is, we can help you get there. With decades of experience, we’ve learned the importance of investing in Content Marketing, and guiding all of our clients through the crucial process. of gathering precise elements.

Education / Engagement

Call to Action

Our experience in differentiated education provides extraordinary opportunities to engage, and inform local communities on important services

Award-winning content

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Strategic Collaborations


Honorable But Broken - EMS in Crisis

Co-producer, co-writer, and principal cameraman for interviews and additional footage. Non-profit documentary on EMS first responders and the effort to designate them as an essential service to properly fund them and provide support.

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The Great Holiday Train Show for the New Castle Historical Society

"(RPD Media Associates) Richard initiated this idea and was instrumental in the execution of this fundraiser finding sponsors and filling the exhibit with family trains and heirlooms."

-Lisabeth Haas, President 

"The show could never have taken place without you. No one else at the historical society had an inkling about how to make it happen, or about what appeal it might have... No one else had the the expertise and the patience to keep the frequently balky trains running ... with unfailing enthusiasm and humor"

-Gray Williams, Town Historian 

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Westchester County Parks

"With it's gold award-winning storytelling expertise, RPD Media produced over 26 podcasts along the historic Bronx River Walk, voiced over by CBS News anchor Dan Rather"

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RPD Media produced client testimonial videos which were rich and authentic identifying our repiping services for both  residential and commercial buildings

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Murphy Healthcare Group

"RPD Media's expertise reached far beyond our expectations in presenting our value to doctors and investors"

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White Plains Hospital Center

"RPD Media produced authentic video content to advance our service lines including our Emergency Room, Cancer Treatment, Orthopedic Surgery, Robotic surgery, and our Nursing program"

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Somnia, Inc.

"Somnia specializes in hiring, cultivating and retaining the best doctors in anesthesiology. RPD Media's content helped us achieve our marketing goal"

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Real Log Homes

RPD Media created customer-driven marketing videos including both the builder's and the homeowner's perspectives. It helped boost our sales in both area.

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Malcarne Contracting

The RPD Media team put together authentic, family-oriented commercials which connected well with our client potential and raised our sales.

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Partnerships for Change

RPD Media remains committed to documenting global change projects for the betterment of mankind.

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Collaborating at Work
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